Subscribing to our platform as a vendor will give you an access to upload and market your products for free while we earn 20% on each sale you make,as our superb vendor, we will only charge the commission on each items you sell while we remit the balance into your provided account the next day on or before 10:00AM.

Please note that our payment system is handled by PAYSTACK and the shipping cost goes to you expect you ask us to handle the delivery.


Ability to monitor order and generate automated invoice and receipts.

• Ability to know your best customers by having their name, email address, phone number and location during and after order on your dashboard.

• Ability to receive payment online via buyers ATM card and PayPal account.

• Ability to track your products and the delivery status.

• Ability to generate discounts code for your customers.

• Ability sell and deliver to various customers far and wide.

•  Ability to monitor your income and profits.