School was pretty tough for me when growing up. I had this chronic speech impediment that made me wish I were dumb sometimes because merely uttering a few sentences, then…. the obvious “b, bb, bab…bba…” (stuttering) will surface. This is one disgrace I so avoided. Many a times, I felt like dropping out (I almost became a truant because of this). Thank God I couldn’t make decisions myself then because I may have stopped going to school.

Few years’ down the line, everything literally changed. I got several compliments on my speech prowess. The one that startled me the most is the common, “your mouth is too sweet”.

I smile after getting compliments like this. Really, what changed? From stuttering to having a “sweet voice” let me tell you.

The secret you are about to hear now, will not only help you in communication, but also in business, human relationship and in psychology.

Aside from my aggressive learning on public speaking and capacity building, this was the prime secret that brought about my big successes in relationship with people. Interestingly, this secret is just 3 letter-words….


The word “you”, no matter the usage, is so potent in penetrating anybody’s heart. It is quite logical, everybody subscribes to WIIFM radio station, which literally means “What Is In For Me”

When you answer the WIIFM question, they quickly feel attracted to you. That was my secret. I was focused on the next person.

In business, focus on YOUR customers. Communicate with them in mind.
Pitch with them in mind.
Don’t talk your products, talk them receiving the benefits.

Try this and note the difference.

To your success!