Buy from China Website with ease

We are a China procurement and shipping agent that help people to purchase product from China websites like, Ali Express and we will deliver to their preferred location in Nigeria. We purchase and ship to any destination in Nigeria. Please note that your order processing starts immediately after you made payment and place your order.

Please read before placing your order

  1. This form is meant for you to copy and paste link from 1688 via your browser,with full description in order for us to work on your quotation without error.
  2. Please kindly drop only the product link you know you are capable of buying, don’t drop too many link and later later ask us to remove or adjust because we work with time and we have many orders to attend to.
  3. We want to reduce the rate of un-serious clients that usually submit many links and later cancel the order . So please you will need to pay a commitment fee of N2,000 to enable us proceed on your order. NOTE: This payment is refundable only when you proceed on your order and you will only need to subtract it from your total amount when you are to pay for your order but it is not refundable when you fail to proceed and pay for your order. If you are comfortable with the above terms and condition, kindly fill the form below.