As a Superb Agent, you will only be handling Picking up and dropping off of a parcel which fall under the logistics department and will also be picking up and delivering clothes from client to laundry service providers and vice versa with the income of 60% per transaction.

As a superb agent , you are entitle to earn 3% of investment capital when you refer an investor to the company. Kindly note that we only pay full 3% without any promo while we pay 1.5% during promo

Superb takes 20% off each transaction from laundry service price which means the laundry service provider will take 80% while we share the 20% with the agent that carried out the order.

For example, a laundry request of a three pieces suit that cost 1,000 Naira will be calculated as follows:-

  • Laundry service provider earning will be 800 Naira
  • Agent earnings will be  60% of the calculated value of the removed 20% which will give us 120 Naira.

⭕️ Laundry service providers get payment into their account  between 8:00AM and 10:00PM of  the next day the order is placed due to the bank payment processor called Paystack.

⭕️ Agent will receive their weekly commission into their account by Saturday between the hour of 5:00PM downward. 

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